Matte Coloured Cars – Which Ones Are The Hottest Matte Cars?

Matte Coloured Cars – Which Ones Are The Hottest Matte Cars?

Are you planning on purchasing a car with matte color and you are looking for matte coloured cars? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this topic where we are going to learn everything when it comes to these matte colour cars.

Nowadays, almost 99% of cars are coming with glossy paint which is a three-layer paint. A primer, the paint, and a glossy clear coat finish. So, we look to get something really different and unique. Something that will stand out on the road.

And this is why a ton of people are going for wraps. Especially matte wraps. But for those who want to spend more on their vehicles and can afford them, they can even go after matte colour cars. And these matte finishes look really spectacular like nothing you have seen on the road. But what makes these finishes so special? Well, more on that we are going to cover next.

First, we are going to learn what are matte coloured cars and the types of matte finishes that are out there. Then we are going to cover the pros and cons of running matte finish on your car as well as the common misconceptions when it comes to these cars. After that, we will go through the factory matte coloured cars and cover a few of these models briefly. Then we are going to learn how you can maintain this type of color. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Are Matte Coloured Cars

Now before we start learning about the types of matte finishes that are out there and their characteristics, let’s take a look first at what are matte coloured cars in general. If you want, you can jump to one of the next chapters, if not, keep up with us for a bit until we cover more of the basics.

So, what are matte coloured cars? Well, matte coloured cars are simply cars that have their paint colored in a matte finish.

As you probably are familiar with, there is a glossy finish that shines and there is a matte finish. So, what is the difference between the two?

Well, a glossy finish is perfectly smooth. This means that there are no imperfections. So, on this finish, a swirl mark or scratch is easily detectable. You will instantly notice if the paint needs to be buffed out. But why do these marks appear?

Matte Coloured Cars

Well, it is the case because the light hits the uneven surface and then it deflects. So, you are able to see the uneven surfaces.

And here matte comes into play. With a matte finish, the paint is full of these imperfections. So, if you put a matte finish under a microscope, you will see uneven surfaces everywhere. And the light simply hits these tiny ridges and deflects. Creating that non-glossy finish.

Remember that this happens at a microscopic level. So, it is really difficult for our naked eye to detect something like this. So, everything we see that doesn’t reflect is simply falling into the matte coloured cars category.

What is worth noting is that there are a few types of matte finish that you can get. And more on these finishes, we are going to elaborate in the following chapters of this article.

Types Of Matte Finish On Cars

Now let’s dive into the types of matte finishes that are out there. Knowing the types of matte finishes that are out there will help you understand what type of matte finish you are after and what kind of matte coloured cars are your top priority.

It is worth noting that there are three types of matte finishes out there. So, what are these finishes? Let’s elaborate in the following chapters.

Flat Matte

The first type of matte finish is the flat matte. So, when you notice matte coloured cars, then this finish will probably be most common. But what does a flat matte finish means in the first place?

Well, this finish is the best in our opinion. This is the finish when you don’t see any reflections at all. The surface is painted in a way that it basically eats the light.

So, when it comes to flat matte finishes, we can say that they do not make any reflections at all. Especially if it’s satin black. Basically, the car will resemble a big black hole. No reflections whatsoever.

But there are people who don’t like this finish particularly much and nowadays other finishes are getting more and more popular when it comes to matte coloured cars and we are going to elaborate more on them in the following chapters.

Satin Matte

Now let’s cover the second type of matte finish when it comes to matte coloured cars and that is the satin matte finish. So, what is a satin matte finish?

Well, this finish is probably the most popular finish that is done to cars nowadays. You can see it on a lot of BMWs especially. But more on the matte coloured cars, we are going to discuss later. What is important for you when it comes to this finish is that this finish will give you the best of both worlds.

Matte Coloured Cars

A matte finish with a little bit of reflection. Just perfect in our opinion. The reflections are not very strong and instead of making the car look dull like with a flat matte finish, this type of finish will make it stand out much better.

So, from all the matte coloured car finishes, we would like to recommend you this one if you are still doubting what type of finish to choose for your future car. Now let’s move on to the last type of finish.

Semi-Gloss Matte

And the third type of matte coloured car that is out there is the semi-gloss matte finish. The semi-gloss matte finish is the most reflective out of the few different types of matte.

What is different with this finish is that it has one more layer of clear coat that smoothens up the matte finish a little bit but not so much that it will make it glossy.

So, when it comes to the semi-gloss mate, you will be able to see a lot of reflections. And frankly, when it comes to matte finishes this is a little bit too much in our book. So, for a perfect matte finish, the satin matte finish will be the best when it comes to getting matte coloured cars.

But what are the pros and cons of running a matte finish on your car? Let’s elaborate more on this topic in the following chapters in-depth.

Matte Car Paint Pros And Cons

As with everything out there, so is the case with matte coloured cars. There are positives and also there are negatives. So, knowing the pros and cons when it comes to these types of finishes should be one of your top priorities.

Luckily for you, in the following two chapters, we are going to learn what are the pros and cons of matte coloured cars. After reading this, you will know what you can expect if you decide to paint your car (or learn how to paint a car) in matte finish or purchase a matte-finished vehicle. So, let’s cover these facts very quickly.

Pros Of Matte Coloured Cars

Now let’s discuss more on the pros of matte coloured cars. There are a ton of pros when it comes to this type of paint. But we are going to list the most obvious ones.

The biggest pro of having a matte finish is the looks. The car will simply look amazing with this type of finish. Matte cars are rare and especially if painted with some special paint, will make your car even more noticeable and people will like to take a ton of photos. Especially if you are a fan of car shows and cars and coffee meetings. This paint will look really amazing.

The next pro of having this finish on your car is the ease of use. Matte paint does not get dirty as standard gloss paint because dirt doesn’t stick to it. In the process, your car will look a lot cleaner and you will not have to wash it as regularly as you had before when you had a gloss-painted car.

In addition to this, there will be no scratch marks on the car if you use a sponge. On glossy finishes, when rubbing down a sponge can create a ton of swirls. But not on matte colour cars. Matte car paint is more durable and is able to withstand a lot more beating than the glossy finish.

But this doesn’t mean that you should throw everything on it and potentially damage the paint of the car. Always be careful when you wash the paint to avoid damage to the paint. So, we elaborated on the pros of matte coloured cars, what are the cons of having matte coloured cars? Let’s elaborate more on that next.

Cons Of Matte Coloured Cars

We have covered the pros of matte coloured cars, now let’s discuss more about the cons of having a matte paint job. What can you expect when it comes to cons?

Unfortunately, there are more than a few cons that are common with these paint jobs. The biggest con is maintenance. These colors require more maintenance and increase the cost of owning a paint like this.

This is the case mainly because you cannot use the same solutions that you are using to wash your standard paint. Glossy paint soap has wax in it. So, if you wash this matte paint with waxy soap, you will fill all these imperfections with wax (even with guidance on how often should you wax your car) and this will ruin the paint job. This is washable but it could create a big mess on the paint if you do it so.

So, maintenance costs could rise because it requires special soap that is designed to work with a matte finish.

But the biggest drawback of this paint is the cost. A matte paint job could cost thousands of dollars to be done to a car.

So, if you accidentally chip the paint, fixing it could be a complete nightmare. The whole panel needs to be repainted and on top of that not only that you need to repaint it. But the painter also needs to match that factory finish. And this is a tricky thing to do.

For this type of work, you might need to find painters that are specialized in this kind of stuff. Even the best painters paint most gloss paint and they don’t know much how to deal with matte coloured cars. So, be wary about damaging your matte coloured cars.

Factory Matte Coloured Cars

Now let’s discuss the factory matte coloured cars and learn which are the hottest cars that you can get from the factory with a matte finish.

When it comes to this list, it is worth noting that we are not going to focus on affordability but more on the cool factor that these cars have. So, in this list, there will be cars from different price ranges. But most importantly, among performance cars. So, if you want to learn more about the matte coloured cars that you can buy, follow along.

BMW M5 CS Frozen Green Matte Paint 2022

The first model that we are going to cover when it comes to the factory matte coloured cars is the all-new BMW M5 CS.

This model is probably the fastest BMW that money can buy and frankly, one of the hottest cars out there.

This model comes with a color that is known as Frozen Green. This is a deep green color in a matte finish that looks really spectacular if you are asking me. In pair with the yellow headlight accents and the gold wheels and grille, this model looks phenomenal.

Inside the car, there are also carbon fiber bucket seats and basically, everything in the interior revolves around performance.

And this BMW is certainly pretty fast. It has the same 4.4L V8 engine but is tuned up to produce more than 627hp and 553lb-ft of torque. This powerful engine helps this car to accelerate from 0-60 in only 2.6 seconds. And considering that this is a sedan, these numbers are pretty much bonkers.

But what is sad though is that it is kinda expensive. Costing about $150,000 and that is before options. After options, prices can go up pretty significantly when it comes to these matte coloured cars.

Cadillac Blackwing 2022 Emerald Matte Paint

Next on our list of matte coloured cars is another fast sedan. A true competitor to the M5 CS that we discussed previously. And this car is the Cadillac Blackwing.

The Blackwing is the special high-performance model of the Cadillac CT5-V. And frankly, this model is really something special that a ton of other cars can envy.

This model is a special version of the CT5-V. A step ahead. It has a 6.2L supercharged V8 engine that is producing incredible numbers. 668Hp and 659lb-ft of torque, these are healthy numbers that make it comparable to the M5 but unfortunately not surpass it.

The Blackwing only manages to hit from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Which is unfortunate. But hopefully they will be able to tune this car even further to push it lower than 3 seconds.

What is good with this car is that it comes with special paint. This paint is called Dark Emerald Matte paint and this paint is optional.

If you want to purchase this option, you will need to spend another $4,000 on this upgrade. And if you are asking me, it is definitely worth it. This paint looks absolutely phenomenal and there are hardly any vehicles out there that could manage to match it.

What is good with this model is that it’s at least attainable. The Blackwing has a relatively affordable price of only $84,000. If you add the Dark Emerald paint, you will end up with a price of almost $90,000. Which is definitely worth it if you are asking me if you have the cash. You still get a capable vehicle that is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds. And frankly, this is one of the coolest matte coloured cars out there.

Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule 2022

And the last on our list of matte coloured cars is something really special. And that is the Lamborghini Urus. But not any Urus out there. But the Urus Graphite Capsule.

The Urus as you all know is the high-performance Lamborghini model in the SUV segment. And this model really delivers.

The Urus is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine that produces 641hp, which is absolutely crazy for an SUV vehicle. This powerful engine is paired with a snappy 80-speed ZF transmission.

The 0 to 60 mph times are sub 4 seconds. More precisely, the Urus accelerates from 0 to 60 in only 3.6 seconds and has a maximum top speed of 305hp.

But not every Urus is special, still, you need something really special that will make you stand out from the crowd. And the Urus Graphite Capsule is probably the model that you are interested in.

This model is covered in graphite black matte color that looks particularly stunning. And on top of that, there are green accents everywhere.

You have green on the bumpers, green spoiler on the rear, green on the wheels, and also a lot of green stitching in the interior.

And if you are asking me, I think that this green color makes this model stand out really well from the crowd.

Still, exclusivity costs money and this model could be yours for $218,000. And that is only the starting MSRP price. Prices can go up as you go through the options.

Alternatives To Matte Paint

Now let’s say that you almost fainted from the high costs of these matte coloured cars. What you can do in this case in order to get a special matte finish? Could you do something and achieve the same look? Fortunately, yes, there are three things that you can do.

The first, thing is to wrap the car with a special matte PPF. This is a colorless PPF that has that matte finish to it. So, when you cover the whole car, you will have that matte look. Simple as that.

Matte Coloured Cars

The second thing you can do is to do a complete color change. Just get a matte wrap with the paint that you want. And wrap the whole car. This is another very good option. These two options are expensive. But let me tell you that there are also cheaper ways to achieve the same effect.

And the last thing that you can do is to plasti dip the car. Plasti dipping the car should be the cheapest way to get that matte finish. What is bad with this finish is that it doesn’t last for long. But still, you can change the color of your car a few times a year with this easy method. So, if you want to do a color change on a budget, this is the way to go.

Matte Car Paint Facts:

  • Matte car paint is a finish, not a type of paint, which uses a matte clear coat to achieve a muted finish.
  • A matte finish on a car emphasizes imperfections and adds more dimpling which obstructs light’s reflection, creating a dull matte finish.
  • Not all matte finishes are the same; there is a variety of matte finishes with a graduated degree of shine.
  • One advantage of matte car paint is its style, but it comes with drawbacks such as cost, upkeep, and repair.
  • Cleaning a car with a matte finish requires a matte car wash solution formulated specifically to protect the finish as standard car wash solutions may contain wax which should never touch a matte finish.
  • Waxing a matte finish can create a shiny surface, which is the opposite of what you want, so it is advised to never apply wax to a matte finish.
  • Matte paint coating or paint protection film are two methods to protect a matte finish, which bond with the surface of the clear coat and follow the contours of the clear coat, respectively.
  • There are no inexpensive means to repair scratches, chips, and dings to a matte finish. Repainting the entire panel is the only solution.
  • Adding a matte finish to an existing car can cost between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the quality. Luxury carmakers that offer matte paint finish will come at a premium cost.
  • Matte paint options on new cars come with a price tag in the high end of that range. For instance, the 2021 Mercedes AMG GT Roadster’s matte finish color, “Graphite Grey Magno,” contributed $3,950 to the total sticker price of $149,250.

Conclusion To Matte Coloured Cars

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to matte paint. First, we learned what are matte coloured cars and the pros and cons of having matte paint colored cars.

Then we learned which are the matte coloured cars that come from the factory in matte. As well as, the alternative options to get that matte finish.

F.A.Q To Matte Coloured Cars

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is Matte

Matte is an adjective used to describe a finish. For example, a paint finish that is not particularly glossy and doesn’t have any reflections to it.

What Is Matte Finish

Matte finish is a paint finish that doesn’t have any reflection to it. So, if you put matte paint under the sun, it will not create reflections.

What Does A Matte Finish Look Like

Matte finish is usually a finish with no reflections. The surface seems rough to the touch because there are microscopic imperfections that make the light reflect between them. So, the light basically gets trapped and lost in these small imperfections.

How Much Is A Matte Black Paint Job

On average a paint job like this cost between $4,000 and $8,000. It is really expensive because not a lot of people can do it right. So, beware of the costs and also find a professional painter that knows how to paint matte.

What Color Is Matte

Any color code can be turned into a matte finish. The matte finish is achieved with the clear coat. The paint is standard for both gloss and matte finishes.

Is Matte Paint Washable

Yes, you can wash it but you need to use special soaps that do not have wax. Because if you use soap that has wax, you could possibly ruin the matte finish.

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