Where Is John Deere Made – Are They Made In The USA?

Where Is John Deere Made – Are They Made In The USA?

John Deere is one of the most popular tractor manufacturers not just in the United States but all over the world. It is not hard to identify them with their conspicuous green and yellow colors. But where is John Deere made?

Well for the large part, products by them are manufactured in the United States and Germany

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Where Are John Deere Tractors Made

Tractors that are in the 7R, 8R, as well as 9R series, are made at the John Deere Waterloo plant located in Iowa.

The tractors made by John Deere mostly run on diesel. They have a diesel plant close to the headquarters. The 9R tractors usually have the most horsepower. They feature a 14.9-liter engine manufactured at the Jamestown Factory of Cummings located in Lakewood in New York.

Remember what we said that another portion of their tractors comes from a plant in Europe? Well, they roll out of the Mannheim Plant which is located in southwest Germany. This plant is responsible for assembling the 5R, 6R, and 6M series of tractors.

This facility also produces the huge 6250R model. The cabs come from Bruschal while the engine rolls in from Saran in France.

Granted, while the large 6 serious tractors came from the Waterloo facility in the United States, this is not something that the company plans to end ensuring that all the 6 series will be coming from the facility in Germany.

The smaller 5M tractor series on the other hand come from a factory in Georgia. On the other hand, the 5E series is manufactured from a factory in Pune that is in the southeast of Mumbai.

On the other hand, the 5G tractor series that are for use in vineyards and orchards come from a plant in Italy called Carraro Groups Agritalia.

John Deere Tractors

John Deere Tractors

In the modern world, to be able to sustain the population’s need for food, we need mechanization to work seamlessly with agriculture. Tractors are one of those tools that are critical to maintaining good food production.

However, the main problem comes in when deciding on which tractor model is best for your farm needs.

Of course, some tractor brands are synonymous with reliability, durability, and performance. One of these tractors is John Deere. But there are others like Mahindra and Kubota which are popular with top quality. This now begs the question, should you buy their tractors or go with other brands?

One thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong with John Deere as bold as that statement may seem. But to put things into perspective, here are a few specs.

They have been manufacturing tractors since 1988.  So by now, they know a thing or two about building a top-performing tractor that is both durable and reliable.

And granted, their tractors come at a higher price than other tractor brands available. However, with the tech, reliability, and performance of these tractors, the prices are well justified.

John Deere also offers plenty of options in tractor models and sizes to suit your individual farm needs. Whether you have an orchard, or you are a large-scale corn producer, there is a John Deere tractor for you.

Let’s now consider some of their most popular tractor models.

John Deere D series

The John Deere D series tractors range between 33 hp and 55 hp. They are versatile and come with awesome performance whether you are on the field or off it.

These tractor series offer a comfy ride so you can maximize your working time and they also maximize ion transportation which allows your production to thrive. The top performance capabilities of these tractors are thanks to their goal of providing farmers with a machine that helps them maximize their output and profits.

The 5D series by John Deere are therefore a great choice when looking for a reliable and versatile tractor for your farm.

John Deere Specialty Tractors

compact tractor

If there is one thing that John Deere promises, its variety when it comes to its utility tractors. But this is not where the variety reaches a stop. There is also a large range of specialty tractors to fulfill all your farming needs.

These range from 28 horsepower to 36 horsepower. They feature a compact design which allows for more mobility in your operation. For instance, if you are working in an orchard, you need a highly maneuverable tractor.

There are 3 main options that you can choose from them, the 3028 EN, the 3026E, and the 3036 EN. These come with a 5-year warranty.  For those who have a smaller farm, the special tractors are the ones to go for.

John Deere E series

The E series tractors from John Deere made 50hp to 75 hp. They feature a smooth transmission and comfortable seats to help you make the most of your working day at the farm.

The E series comprises models such as the 5120 Gear Pro and the 5075 model. For a tractor that will help you with your heavy fieldwork, the E-series is something to check out for.

For larger farms, the E series is the tractor for you.

John Deere Line Of Heavy Duty Tractors

Now that we know where is John Deere made, utility tractors such as the 6110 and 6120B are not all that John they are known for. They also build some incredibly large machines. All feature the latest technology such as GRPS.

There are two main models in this line that come with a super-powerful engine as well as hydraulics to make the farming operators much easier. This is especially so when farming on a large-scale commercial level.

If you do not have budget constraints and you want a heavy-duty tractor, then the John Deere line of super heavy tractors should take care of all your farming needs.

The great thing is that not only does it offer a huge variety when it comes to tractors for taking care of all of your unique farming needs, but their tractors also come with a 5-year warranty. If you have the cash to spend, and you need a reliable tractor, they have something to offer.

So now you can answer where is John Deere made but let’s take a closer look at the company logo. They have been in existence for a long time. It makes sense therefore that over the years the company, as well as its logo, had to evolve into what it looks like today.

John Deere started with a small operation ever since he came up with the first steel plow in 1837.

During that time, John Deere had around 16 people under his employment. Even then there was no logo or company.

In 1868, John Deere decided to start its operation first as a partnership. During this time the business went under the name Deere & Company.

John Deere Logo Over The Years

Over the years, the company thrived and then also experienced periods of failure. That said by 1876, the company experienced growth and John Deere has a logo registered in the shape of a deer.


While John Deere registered the logo in 1876, the company had already used it for at least 3 years. During this time, output had grown to over 60,000 plows each year. The company, therefore, saw it as very necessary to be able to create a trademark and protect it from deception and copying.

The logo was that of a deer that was leaping over a log. Company sources said that the animal was highly common in Africa and not the whitetail deer from North America that would later be part of the logo.


In 1910, John Deere came up with another version of the logo, later registered in 1912. This logo was also of a deer that was leaping over a log. That said, in this second logo, there was greater detail than that of its predecessor.

There was also a slogan that read the “The Trade Mark of Quality Made Famous by Good Implements”


Around two and half decades later, the John Deere Company saw the need to change the logo. The goal was to make the logo much easier to stencil on the company products.

The Deere on the logo changed into a silhouette and there was less detail in the artwork.


More changes came in 1950 for the John Deere logo. One of these changes saw a different positioning of the antlers of the deer. These moved forward and rotated.

This time, the slogan changed to “Quality Farm Equipment”. They took out the Moline Illinois as a result of the global outreach as the company was in a massive global outreach campaign.


John Deere also saw the need to change its logo in 1968. At this point, a deer silhouette was the main feature of the logo. The company name appeared under the deer. However, this time there wasn’t any slogan. The new design would stay like this for many decades.

It remained this way up until 2000 when the deer’s legs and antlers were sharpened to provide a more muscular feature.

Big John Deere Tractor

The John Deere brand is known all over the world and is one of the most popular tractor manufacturers in the United States as well as Europe. We’ve also looked at where is John Deere made.

The company is now a multi-billion entity that offers products to the rest of the world. It has come a long way since John Deere built his plow in 1837.

Now one of the products that the company is popular for is the big tractors. Let’s find out.

The 8R 410

This is one of John Deere’s largest tractors and features a large and comfortable cabin. It is part of the crop family of tractors and features a 121.3-inch wheelbase. It also features a 261.3-inch length.

The 8R 410 tractor weighs 28,000lbs and this is when it is in the light configuration.

If you order this tractor in the comfort and convenient package, you will get the Command ARM console that allows you to control the hitch as well as the auxiliary, the climate control, and features a telescopic steering wheel that records the operator’s favorite position and adjusts accordingly.

8RT 410 John Deere

This model came out in 2010. The 8RT 410 comes with a 6 cylinder 410 horsepower 9-liter engine and has an E23 transmission.

Due to the technology the operator can switch gears even while the tractor is under a load. There is no need for a clutch as the transmissions will utilize the multidisc clutch when shifting through the gears.

With the 8RT John Deere, you will get an 85cc pump that can offer 60 GPM. That said, you can decide to upgrade to the 85cc and 35cc dual pumps. This can also be upgraded to an 85 GPM flow.

The base model weighs 34,400 pounds and has a track that is 25 inches wide.

9470R Scraper Special

Another super huge tractor by John Deere comes with a 13.5-liter engine. This one can offer 470 horsepower and has an 18-speed power shift transmission the tractor is capable of moving at speeds of 25mph.

The diesel engine has 6 cylinders and also features dual turbochargers. The base model weighs in at 41,950 pounds and is the third heaviest tractor on this list.

And if you thought that things couldn’t get any bigger, in comes the next one.

9570RT Scraper Special

If you want to get great power and efficiency then you may want to check out the 9570RT by John Deere. This tractor comes with a different engine to the 9470R and has a 15-liter diesel engine with 18-speed power transmission.

This engine produces up to 570 horsepower and can farm all over the world including Canada, Europe, the United States, and Australia.

But there is an even bigger tractor.

John Deere 9620RX

The John Deere 9620RX is the largest when it comes to size and power and is the biggest tractor by John Deere. This tractor has an engine that produces 620hp and can manage a 25mph top speed.

The tractor weighs in at 54,000 pounds base weight. If you have a large piece of land now that you would like to farm, and if you have some cash to spend, then the john Deere 9620RX is the one to go for.

John Deere Competitors

John Deere may be the most popular tractor manufacturer in the United States and many parts of the globe, but it is by no means the only manufacturer of tractors.

Other companies compete with John Deere. What’s more, is that these competitors are global brands that also have a long history. Not only that, John Deere makes some of the best quality, reliable and durable tractors on the market.

Let’s find out.

Caterpillar Inc.

This is a big corporation that also produces the type of heavy equipment that John Deere does. The company can trace back its first machinery in the 1900s when a man called Benjamin Holt started creating and selling simple farm equipment.

The major competitor at the time for Benjamin Holt was C.L Best who competed with him for contracts. However, the two men were caught up in World War I and were required to build tanks. C.L Best recited better funding from the government.

Benjamin Holt died in 1920 and there were plans for the two giants to merge. When they finally did in 1925 they formed Caterpillar Inc.

Now the name is popular all over the world with heavy equipment. It has $53 billion of its revenue coming from the United States alone

While the company started with simple farm equipment and later moved on to construction equipment, what it is best known for now is heavy construction equipment.

The top 3 sections for Caterpillar on heavy equipment are very similar to John Deere’s forestry, agricultural, and construction. Granted John Deere is the best in forestry and agricultural equipment, but it is CAT that leads the way in construction equipment.

Caterpillar has over 100 hubs all over the world.

Furthermore, caterpillar manufactures diesel engines as well as low-maintenance equipment.


AGCO is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and is a major John Deere competitor. This is a more recent company compared to a majority of the competitors in the industry. They started with the name Gleaner-Allis Corporation and would later alter the name of Allis-Gleaner Corporation.

This would allow the company to form the acronym AGCO.

AGCO is also a publically traded company under the New York stock exchange and has a revenue of over $9 billion. Of course, this is not even close to John Deere and Caterpillar but considering that the company deals only with agricultural equipment there is also a considerable position.

The company manufactures large agriculture equipment. Manufacturing of this equipment has been the priority of AGCO since it started operations. It builds everything from tractors to tilling and foraging equipment.

Furthermore, AGCO also builds parts for faulty equipment where the owners can fix the part themselves or can get service from AGCO qualified personnel. AGCO also has branches that are allocated in different parts around the world and this help ensures a smooth machine delivery.

Other than the manufacture of agriculture equipment, the company also builds diesel engines. If your company is reputable and can buy AGCO products in build, the great part is that there is no need to make the whole payment at once.

The fare thing this that AGCO also offers great desalt their loyal customers. Plus the company also owns several such as Massey Fergusson, Valtra, and Fendt.

The Toro Company

This one is also a well-known John Deere competitor. That said, the company began as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

The company started back in 1914 and was called Toro Motor Company.

After 35 years, the company started manufacturing lawn equipment.  The company however took several years to finally make a stable footing in the industry.

The Toro Company has equipment for all levels of turf maintenance from backyard lawn to public maintenance. Furthermore, the company builds equipment for commercial purposes as well as residential purposes.

The Toro Company sells its products all over the world and has an annual revenue of $2.5 billion.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Granted Mahindra is not an American company but it is one of the largest manufacturers of farm equipment and competes directly with John Deere.

The company headquarters are located in Mumbai India and are among the biggest manufacturers of automobiles. Furthermore, Mahindra is the biggest manufacturer of tractors in the world.

Two brothers Jagdish and Kailash Mahindra together with their friend Ghulam Muhammad set up the company back in 1945. Initially, the company started as a steel manufacturing business but then later ventured into automobile manufacturing after Ghulam left the company.

The company started by building Jeeps and tractors. Over the years, the company has grown to become among the best and largest manufacturers of tractors in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are John Deere Tractors Made

John Deere tractors are manufactured mostly in the United States and Germany. The 7R, 8R, and 9R series of tractors are manufactured at plants in Iowa in the United States.  On the other hand, tractors in the 5R, 6R, and 6M series are manufactured in a plant in Germany.

What Did John Deere Invent

John Deere is the founding man behind the John Deere brand started by building simple farm equipment. He built the first commercial self-cleaning steel plow. This was back in 1837. John Deere was born in Vermont.

When Was John Deere Founded

John Deere Company started in 1837. Since then the company has experienced many different changes. Some of these changes have been evident in the changing of the company logo to what it is today.

When Was The Tractor Invented

A man called John Froelich invented the first tractor in 1892 in Iowa. It was the first gasoline tractor. The tractor could move both forward and backward.

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