How Much Does A Toyota Tacoma Weigh – As Heavy As It Looks?

How Much Does A Toyota Tacoma Weigh – As Heavy As It Looks?

When you are buying a brand new truck such as a Toyota Tacoma there are many things and factors that you need to consider. For instance how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh?

This will give you insight into how much cargo as well as how many people the vehicle can safely carry.

When it comes to the curb weight for the Toyota Tacoma, this will come down to the trim, engine, drivetrain, and cab size. The 2021 model features a curb weight of between 3915 and 4550 pounds.

Toyota Tacoma Weight


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The Toyota Tacoma is a truck that has been around for a long time and is one that many have come to appreciate its tough build and impressive capabilities much like the Toyota 4Runner.

By knowing how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh, you can safely carry and haul cargo without breaking any laws or regulations.

When it comes to the curb weight there is no single number or figure that fits all. It will come down to the trim, model year, drivetrain, and even cab size. That said, the Toyota Tacoma will weigh anywhere from 2580 pounds to 5600 pounds.

Where can you find the curb weight of the Toyota Tacoma?

There is usually a sticker which is located on the door jam on the side of the driver that comes with vehicles that are built within the US.

This sticker contains plenty of information including the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). You will also find more information that includes VIN, tire size, and plenty of other useful information.

Moreover, you also have the option of running a VIN check. You can also get the VIN on the information sticker that is inside the door jam on the driver’s side. You could also find it on the bottom of your car’s windshield.

Curb Vs Gross Weight

Many drivers will often wonder about the difference between the car’s gross weight and the curb weight. Simply put, there is the weight that will consider the cargo in your car while the other does not.

Curb weight tells how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh when it is at rest. It will also include standard amenities and equipment without any passengers or cargo.

Talking about how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh, the gross weight of your vehicle is inclusive of any additional weight of the passengers and the cargo.

When buying your Toyota Tacoma, if you have plans of doing a lot of towing or hauling, then the gross weight of the vehicle will be an important consideration.

To be able to have a good understanding of the weight limit of your vehicle, you need to know both the curb weight and the gross weight of your vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

One thing that stands out with the Toyota Tacoma 2022 model is how versatile it is. Whether you plan on driving on the road or off-road, the vehicle is sure to deliver. The car is known to take on even the toughest of situations and conditions.

But even better is that the 2022 Toyota Tacoma has excellent towing capabilities. Let’s discover more about these towing capabilities and what this means for you if you are interested in getting this model.

So the question on everyone’s minds is that what is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capability?

This is what you need to know. First, the towing capacity of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma sits at 6400lbs. This means that it can easily pull a small camper, trailer, or small boat without much of a problem.

That said, several factors could affect the towing capacity. These include the car’s engine, bed, trim level, as well as cab style.

Let’s take a look at a few more numbers about the Toyota Tacoma. The 4×4 Access Cab features a 4-cylinder engine connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission and can tow up to 3500 pounds. Plus you don’t get some of the transmission problems that you find on the Ford F150.

On the other hand, the 4×4 access cab that features a V6 connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission can tow 6400 pounds.

This clearly shows that the maximum towing capacity is dependent on the trim. That said, you also have the option of the tow package which offers certain cool features. These include:

  • An engine oil cooler
  • A power steering cooler
  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
  • ATF Cooler

Towing Safety Tips

If you are planning on hitting the road while towing, a few safety tips will help you get on your way.

Always ensure that you have done enough practice on an open space or even on a less busy road. This will help you come to terms with towing especially turning with a trailer behind you.

Before you start your trip it is also a good idea to get an auto service. This should include the tires, the lights, and the brakes. Also, check the trailer lights and the trailer brakes. Remember to also carry spares for both the trailer and the truck.

Finally, you should never overload the truck. This is because you can cause structural and engine damage to the truck.

Ensure proper driving techniques. This will include avoiding tailgating, using turn signals when necessary, and offering yourself enough space to stop.

Unladen Weight By VIN

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There are plenty of different terminologies all of which could confuse. Some are common and obvious. That said too much information will feel rather daunting.

Here we will look at the different terminologies to help you understand and take away any confusion. Below are the main terminologies that your need to know.

Dry Weight

This is the total of how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh. This will not include the passengers, any cargo, or any fluids.

You may be wondering how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh and why the dry weight of your vehicle is important. This is often highly important when it comes to the sports car market. But potential buyers who aren’t immediately and exclusively into sports cars will also make use of the vehicle’s dry weight.

One thing that you should know is that the dry weight will not be included in the VIN.

Curb Weight

This is the total vehicle weight that includes standard equipment and components as well as the fluids. It does not include any passengers or cargo.

A vehicle that features a lighter curb weight will generally have a much better fuel efficiency. These vehicles are also faster. Think of Audi, Ferrari or Ford. Sure we are not talking Trackhawk speeds here but you get the point.

VINs that come specific to the model and the trim then can be used to identify the curb weight.

Gross Vehicle Weight

This is often denoted as GVW. It comprises the curb weight plus the cargo and passengers. This means that the gross vehicle weight is not constant and can therefore fluctuate depending on the amount of cargo or the number of passengers.

The gross vehicle weight is one of the most important pieces of information when it comes to truck owners. This is because pickup trucks will carry a lot more cargo than other types of vehicles.

When looking at this from a purely commercial standpoint, transport companies want to know the GVW of the trucks. This includes the GVW of the vehicle that they are transporting.

One thing to also note is that drivers can get huge fines if they overload commercial vehicles because of the safety not just of the driver but also of the drivers that are on the road.

You will need a VIN decoding tool to be able to identify the GVWR via the VIN. Furthermore, this tool should identify the time by VIN. There are instances where the trim will be encoded in the VIN. Pattern. This makes it easy to identify the GVWR.

Tacoma Dimensions

If you have been looking forward to buying a brand-new truck, then you are probably searching for a truck that can perform the right way under tough road conditions.

You perhaps want a truck that also features plenty of interior space to accommodate both you as well as other passengers. Not forgetting any gear you may need to carry.

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is one of those trucks that can offer all of those features. Let’s take a look at some of the dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma.

Passenger Dimensions

The passenger dimensions of your Toyota Tacoma come down to your type of cab. You can choose between the Access Cab which is the more compact version or the double cab if you are looking for extra space.

Let’s compare the two, shall we?

Access Cab

This trim provides sufficient space for up to four passengers. This is all thanks to a front passenger volume of 57.5 cubic feet and a rear passenger volume of 28.1 feet.

It has a front headroom of 39.7 inches and rear headroom of 34.9 inches.

When it comes to legroom this one sits at 42.9 for the front passengers and 24.6 for the rear seats.

Double Cab

If you are searching for a little extra room for both you and your passengers then you might want to check out the double cab. This one has the same front dimensions but there is plenty more room at the back.

The passenger volume at the rear is 28.1 cubic feet while at the front its 57.5 cubic feet.

The headroom at the front is 39.7 inches while at the back is 34.9 inches.

Then there is the legroom which is 42.9 inches at the front and 24.6 inches at the back.

Tacoma Pickup Bed Dimensions

One of the things that make pickups perfect for those adventures is because the truck bed offers extra room which you can utilize for a variety of functions. This is certainly the case with the 2022 Toyota Tacoma.

You have the option of choosing between two-bed sizes.

There’s the 5-foot truck bed which is 60.5 inches long, 41.5 inches wide, and 19.1 inches tall.

There is also the 6-foot truck bed option which is 73.7 inches long, 41.5 inches wide, and 19.1 inches in height.

It doesn’t matter the type of bed that you choose. There is still plenty of space allowing you to carry your camping gear, your supplies, and much more.

Toyota Tacoma Exterior Dimensions

Many people also want to know about the truck’s actual size in terms of its exterior dimensions. These exterior dimensions will vary depending on the trim you choose and the side of the truck bed.

One thing about the Tacoma that really stands out is the size. Even with the SR version, this is not a small truck. That said, some trims are bigger than others with the main difference being the extra cab and the truck bed.

Assuming you chose the Standard Access Cab with a 6-foot truck bed, the exterior dimensions would be:

  • Full length of 212.3 inches
  • 74.4 inches of Overall width
  • Total height of 70.6 inches
  • Wheelbase of 127.4 inches

You also enjoy a ground clearance of up to 9.4 inches with the Toyota Tacoma. This is great ground clearance for everyday driving as well as when driving off-road.

Toyota Tacoma Payload

One thing with Toyota trucks is that they are sure to impress with their performance and durability. Among the best Toyota trucks is the Tacoma.

Let’s talk about that all-important question that many drivers tend to have…how much can it carry and tow?

Here we will not just look at its towing capacity but also the payload specs for all of the trims available with the Tacoma.

First off let’s define what payload means. This refers to the most weight that a pickup truck or car can carry safely. When it comes to a personal car or an SUV, then this answers how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh in the cabin as well as in the bed.

When talking about a pickup truck, this tells you how much does a Toyota Tacoma weigh in the cabin as well as in the pickup bed.

First off, the standard Toyota Tacoma 2022 model can tow up to 3500 pounds. This is when the truck is paired with a 4-cylinder engine. With the V6 engine in the Access cab, you can tow up to 6800 pounds.

Note that this is when it features an automatic transmission and 4×2 powertrain.

If you go up to the double cab configuration, you will be able to tow up top 6700 pounds if you are dealing with the TRD sport, The SR 5, or the short bed TRD off-road.

However, with the Limited trim, you will only be able to tow 6600 pounds.

With a four-wheel drive, you will be able to tow 6500 pounds with an access cab configuration. This will drop down to 6400 pounds with the double cab configuration. By now you are probably thinking that this is a lot of configurations.

However, with the V6, at least you can tow 6400 pounds.

How Much Does A Toyota Tacoma Weigh – Max Payload


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To get the maximum payload with a Toyota Tacoma 2022 model, you will need to go for the Access Cab. Which is on the SR5 or even the SR. With a 4×2 drivetrain, you can carry up to 1685 pounds.

Switch over to the four-wheel drive configuration and you will be able to carry 1445 pounds.

If you go for the Access Cab TRD sport 4×2 configuration, you will be able to carry 1525 pounds. With the 4×4 powertrain, you can carry 1285 pounds.

For the manual transmission and 4×4 powertrain still with the Access Cab TRD sport, you can carry 1260 pounds.

When it comes to the double cabs, if you go with the 4×2 configuration in the SR5, and the TRD Sport, you will be able to carry up to 1395 pounds.

Switch over to a 4×4 configuration and you can carry 1155 pounds.

If you go for the 6-foot truck bed, then you can only carry 1355 pounds with the 4×2 configuration and 1105 pounds with a 4×4 configuration.

Toyota Tacoma Trims

The Toyota Tacoma is considered by many as being one of the best pickup trucks that money can buy. It is a great car as a daily driver or even for the weekends when you want to veer off into the backcountry and do some off-road driving.

You get two engine options with the Toyota Tacoma. That said, you also get to choose from a variety of trims.

Whatever you are searching for in a pickup truck, you will be sure to find it in the Toyota Tacoma 2022 model. Let’s take a look at the various Toyota Tacoma trims to help you make the best choice.

Toyota Tacoma SR

This one is the most affordable trim in the lineup. The Toyota Tacoma SR can come with either a double cab or a single cab configuration. You can also choose between the 5-foot truck bed and the 6-foot truck bed.

Furthermore, you can choose between the 4×2 drivetrain and a 4×4. The powertrain is connected to a 6-speed either manual or automatic transmission.

You also have two choice engines. These include the 2.7-liter engine that offers 159 horsepower and up to 180 pound-feet of torque.

Then there is the much more powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that offers 278 horsepower and 265-pound feet of torque.

Simply put you will get everything that you need in the Toyota Tacoma SR. This is even if you are running on a budget. Some of the great features include a tough composite bed, Toyota safety sense, movable tie-downs, and many more.

You also get lumbar seat adjustments and an intuitive media system that also features Bluetooth and a power rear window.

Toyota Tacoma SR5

A step higher than the Tacoma SR is the Toyota Tacoma SR5. It will offer you all the features that you get from the SR trim plus a few extra cool features as well.

Here you can choose between the double cab that features a 6-foot bed. This is a great choice whenever you have people to carry. Plus let’s not deny that it looks more stylish compared to the base model.

Some of its cool features include fog lights, exterior chrome, and a steering wheel wrapped with leather.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

If you want even more features and power from your Tacoma, you may want to check out the TRD sport trim. This one is simply built to handle the outdoors and will take quite a beating.

If you want a truck to drive off-road mostly, then the Toyota Tacoma TRD sport is a great choice.

Toyota Tacoma Limited

If you want to feel more lush and luxurious as you drive that pickup truck, you have the choice of the Toyota Tacoma Limited trim. It features much larger tires than the TRD sport and comes with a powerful V6 engine.

This allows the Toyota Tacoma Limited trim to handle almost any type of terrain. Not to mention that you also get plenty of extra cool features such as leather heated seats, a sunroof as well as a premium sound system.

You also get LED headlights as well as daytime running lights, and LED fog lights. You also get Android Auto, Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Prius Weigh

Generally, a Toyota Prius will weigh anywhere between 2530 and 3375 pounds. The different trim levels, optional features, and model year cause the differences in weight.

How Much Does A Toyota Camry Weigh

The Toyota Camry L and the Camry LE weigh around 3241 pounds. The Camry XLE can either weigh 3351 or 3550 pounds. This would depend on whether or not it comes with the AWD engine as this will cause it to weigh more. The XLE V6 weighs 3549 while the SE will weigh 3340 or 3530 pounds.

How Much Does A Toyota Corolla Weigh

The 2020 Toyota Corolla’s weight will depend on the trim that you choose. The Hybrid LE for instance weighs 2850 pounds when it comes with the automatic transmission. The Toyota Corolla SE weighs 3055pounds when it comes with a manual transmission. The XLE will weigh 3045 pounds with an automatic transmission.

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